Introducing Interactive Touch Technology in Museums

Interactive equipment for Museum

We offer state-of-the-art interactive equipment for museums, designed to keep visitors coming back for more. Our full production cycle is based on a personalized approach, from project design tailored to your museum’s theme to manufacturing, delivery, setup of custom equipment, and staff training. We proudly guarantee high-quality technical support.

Let’s make learning fun!

Modern museums face the challenge of maintaining relevance and engagement in an era of rapidly evolving entertainment. Traditional static exhibits quickly become outdated and fail to captivate audiences. The solution lies in interactive equipment, which offers a new level of immersion that engages the senses and ignites curiosity, bringing history and art to life in ways static displays cannot.

Interactive Sandbox

Build moats around medieval castles or sculpt craters on Mars—anything that fits the theme of your exhibit. Our interactive sandboxes awaken creativity and transform the learning process. Imagine a sandbox that shows soil erosion in real-time or reveals buried virtual fossils. This innovative approach ensures an engaging study of geographical formations, ecological processes, and archaeological excavations.

A game that encourages exploration


Dimensions: 8′ x 4,5′ (ft)

Kinect sensor + Projector

Interactive Floors (ceiling)

Step onto a sunken ship or walk through a tropical rainforest projected beneath your feet. These interactive floors transform museums and enhance visitor engagement. Imagine a timeline or a medieval exhibit that you can walk on and explore interactively. Our projections respond to movement, making interaction more exciting.

A fun, full-body active game


15′ x 7′ (ft)

White FOAM mat, LiDar motion sensor

Alive Drawing

Transform art and historical exhibits into interactive canvases, where visitors can contribute to or alter digital landscapes, bringing creativity and participation to the forefront of the museum experience.

A fun and educational game


Projection size:
16′ x 10′ (ft)

Motion sensor, image scanner, 3x 3D pens

Multi-Touch Tables

Tired of static displays? Many modern museums are starting to adapt multi-touch tables, transforming exhibitions into interactive playgrounds. Visitors can delve deeper into artifacts, uncover hidden details through multimedia content, and collaborate on a single display. This revolution in the museum experience brings history to life at your fingertips.

Engage, Educate, Entertain


Projection size:
16′ x 10′ (ft)

Motion sensor, image scanner, 3x 3D pens

Don’t know what kind of equipment will suit your space?

Custom Software Development

In a rapidly evolving world, the importance of custom software development cannot be overstated. We understand that off-the-shelf solutions can’t capture the unique essence of each exhibition or display. Museums thrive on their distinctiveness, where each theme requires a tailored approach to engage and educate visitors.

We are eager to develop software that:

  • Highlights your uniqueness;
  • Matches the narrative and aesthetics of each collection;
  • Enhances visitor engagement, turning every museum visit into an unforgettable, thrilling adventure.

How Does It Work in Practice?

Consider the Astronomy Center in Hilo, Hawaii. For this museum, our team developed unique underwater alive drawings.

Explore the potential of your space.

Entrust KIDSjumpTECH. We are committed to innovation and preserving your unique vision. With extensive experience, we know how to emphasize these features and attract visitors.

Our Clients

We are proud to say that our equipment is a staple in many museums around the world. See how museum directors have entrusted us with their space, highlighting their unique vision and enjoying a steady stream of visitors.

Custom Exhibition Development – Bringing Your Ideas to Life

We are ready to undertake the development of a turnkey custom exhibition. Simply sketch your idea on a napkin, and our professional engineers will bring it to life with detailed visualization. We will coordinate every step with you, create precise production drawings, provide a detailed estimate, and launch everything into production. Our team will handle the setup and adjustment of the equipment, ensuring everything is perfect. Additionally, we offer free shipping to any state.

Custom exhibition development is a step towards creating a flawless exhibition that will enhance any space.

Where Durability Meets Design

Customizable Equipment Housing

Any equipment housing can be designed to fit your brand or exhibition theme. This is also an essential part of customization.

Free Shipping and Training

We offer free and prompt equipment delivery to any state. Our specialists will help set up the equipment and train your staff on how to use it. We are committed to ensuring that KIDSjumpTECH interactive equipment brings you profit and joy to visitors.

Order three devices for your museum and receive a 10% discount.

Why Choose Us?

No subscriptions

All future software updates are free. You pay for the equipment once.


A minimum warranty period of two years applies. Standard return conditions apply.


We solve software-related issues remotely. Technical support is available around the clock.


We don’t like standing still. We regularly create new entertainment programs.

Order turnkey custom exhibition development from KIDSjumpTECH. We’ll bring more life to your space.

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