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Interactive equipment for Hospitals

We offer interactive equipment for hospitals and clinics to improve children’s emotional well-being. As manufacturers, we pride ourselves in providing quality technical support and offer custom game development.

Let’s Make Recovery Fun!

Children immersed in a positive and stimulating environment often feel better and recover faster. Our interactive equipment for hospitals creates this positive atmosphere with a magical world that is brought directly to a hospital room or play area. Instead of sterile walls, children can observe ocean landscapes, cosmic planets, enchanted forests, or engaging puzzles. These dynamic images respond to children’s movements, making them even more captivating.

Interactive AR Sandbox

The interactive AR sandbox in hospitals combines entertainment, education, and rehabilitation. Children shape landscapes and bring them to life with dynamic elements. This tool reduces stress, enhances motor skills through creative physical play, and educates the children on geography and ecology. It makes the hospital stay a less emotionally traumatic experience, and a more positive and productive one.

A game that encourages exploration


Dimensions: 8′ x 4,5′ (ft)

Kinect sensor + Projector

Interactive Floors + Interactive Mobile Floor

Interactive floors help children cope with the stress that can come with treatment. Fascinating visual effects on the floor create a sense of playfulness, encouraging children to move. This fosters motor skill development while providing a distraction to reduce stress and anxiety. These activities create a positive environment that encourages learning, socialization, and mental well-being.

A fun, full-body active game


15′ x 7′ (ft)

White FOAM mat, LiDar motion sensor

Interactive Wall + Interactive Mobile Wall

The Interactive Wall stimulates creativity and motor skills with captivating games that respond to touch. Our equipment solves several problems at once: entertaining, educating, and relieving stress, transforming a child’s stay in a hospital into a bright, memorable experience.

The most active game

90+ games (fun, sports, active, and educational)

Projection size:
16′ x 10′ (ft)

FullHD laser projector + Lasertouch sensor + Ball Set

Alive Drawing

The “Alive Drawing” equipment can be a ray of sunshine for children in hospitals, allowing them to creatively express themselves and distract from the unfamiliar environment. Using special paper, children can draw their favorite animals following a template. These then come to life on the projection and move when touched, bringing joy, positive emotions, and fostering creativity.

A fun and educational game


Projection size:
16′ x 10′ (ft)

Motion sensor, image scanner, 3x 3D pens

Multi-Touch Tables

Interactive Multi-Touch Tables offer children in hospitals a captivating, interactive learning experience. They encourage social interaction through collaborative games and creative activities, easing isolation and reducing stress. They also help young patients develop cognitive abilities while having fun and allow caregivers to personalize activities to foster a comfortable and therapeutic environment.

Engage, Educate, Entertain


Projection size:
16′ x 10′ (ft)

Motion sensor, image scanner, 3x 3D pens

10% discount when you purchase 3 or more interactive devices!

Special Needs

Our equipment has proven effective when it comes to children with special needs. Here are just a few examples of the results it can deliver.

The Benefits of Interactive Equipment in Hospitals

It improves psycho-emotional well-being, which plays a crucial role in the recovery process. Children immersed in a positive and stimulating environment often feel better and recover faster.

Carefully designed educational scenarios help children continue learning even during treatment. In a playful way, children can explore various scientific phenomena, geography, history, and more.

Interactive equipment enhances the social aspect, encouraging children to communicate and play together. This is especially important for those spending extended time in the hospital.

Using interactive equipment can be part of physiotherapy. Creating different landscape elements, throwing balls, jumping across active projection features, and other active games require a certain level of physical activity. This promotes motor skill development and recovery from certain illnesses or injuries.

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Comprehensive Delivery

We not only offer prompt delivery to any U.S. state but also provide comprehensive installation, setup, and staff training at no extra cost. This approach helps minimize customer expenses by eliminating the need for additional services.


No subscriptions

Software updates and new games are free. No additional charges.


Two to five-year warranties on all equipment with a 30-day return policy.


Our tech support is available around the clock for software-related issues.


We’re constantly developing new games for children with diverse needs.


Our interactive equipment combines entertainment, education, and therapy – becoming an integral part of modern pediatric healthcare. Introducing interactive technologies in children’s hospitals will not only make the stay more comfortable but also promote the physical and psychological development of the patient. We believe that this innovative approach will make medical facilities friendlier and a much more enjoyable experience for young patients. If you still have questions – please contact us below!

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