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Interactive equipment for Doctor’s Office

We are dedicateg in transforming a routine visit to the doctor’s office with interactive technology. Our collection of interactive technologies including the Interactive Floor, Sandbox, and Multi-touch Table create a unique experience for young patients. Through The CareTech Promise, we’re committed to enriching patient waits, providing a positive distraction, catering to special needs, and ensuring seamless integration into healthcare environments.

Potential uses of the equipment

Transform your waiting room. Our interactive installations turn routine waits into opportunities for movement, play, and distraction, reducing anxiety and making time fly by for the patient.

Offer a calm, engaging distraction that can soothe nerves and occupy minds. Whether it’s exploring underwater worlds or creating digital art, these tables provide a peaceful oasis for kids awaiting appointments.

Allow kids to escape into imaginative landscapes, where they can dig, build, and explore in a safe, sanitized environment. This hands-on play promotes relaxation and creativity, offering a gentle escape from hospital routines.

Facilitate social connections and shared play among patients, promoting a sense of normalcy and friendship. Games and educational apps tailored to various interests and age groups ensure that every child finds something to love.

Understanding the diverse needs of children in hospitals, our products offer customizable settings to accommodate sensory sensitivities and mobility challenges. We strive to ensure that interactive experiences are inclusive, providing joy and comfort to children with special needs.

Our interactive experiences are designed to engage children’s minds fully, providing a positive distraction from discomfort and stress. By immersing themselves in play, kids can experience moments of joy and forget about their pain, even if just for a little while.

Our Promise

No Subscription

Access our full range of interactive experiences without worrying about recurring costs, ensuring budget predictability for healthcare institutions.

Free Game Uploads

Keep content fresh and engaging with regular updates, ensuring that children always have new worlds to explore and adventures to embark on.

Fanatical US-Based Support

Receive unparalleled support from our dedicated team, ensuring that your interactive equipment is always functioning properly.

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Interactive Play

Are you ready to redefine the hospital experience for children? Our interactive solutions promise not only to transform spaces but to revolutionize how young patients perceive their hospital stays.
Join us on our mission to bring healing through play to children in hospitals across the globe. With the Healing Play Promise, every hospital visit can become an opportunity for joy, learning, and comfort, despite the challenges.

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Our systems have been implemented by leading local and national brands in the entertainment, fitness, and education industries.

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