Using our equipment you can create your own children’s interactive amusement park.

Interactive Digital Park

We are the manufacturer of innovative equipment for interactive digital parks. Our interactive equipment is vibrant, engaging, and educational, designed to keep children coming back for more.

Colorful interactive immersive projections aid in the discovery of new skills while providing entertainment.

We will assist you in selecting the right interactive equipment to enhance your park’s setup.

3 year warranty


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Our products come with a one-time purchase, no additional payments required.

One tablet

To control all attractions.

3 Years

A 3-year warranty and any necessary repairs will be done at the park


Free testing and updating of new interactive attractions at your site.


Unlimited lifetime technical support 24/7


Over 300 games. Free updates.


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Growing software team to develop more games and attractions

Turnkey Digital Interactive Solutions

Our catalog features over 20 interactive digital products with a variety of different uses and interaction types. All of our technology is perfectly suited for installation in existing amusement parks, on children’s playgrounds, and in large open spaces of hotels, in shopping centers, at airports and etc.



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Discover our cutting-edge Turnkey Digital Interactive Solutions. We’ll deliver, install, connect the equipment, and provide training on how to use it. We offer full support during the installation and operation of your interactive park.

Digital Interactive Equipment

Party Room (Photo Wall Projection)

Key Features:

Unlimited photo presets and effects

Projection size of 10′ x 10′ (ft)

Create a unique, interactive and fun atmosphere for your special event. The bright, large screen with excellent color reproduction is ideal for parties with many children. Backgrounds, effects, and photos can be customized at any moment.

An atmospheric attraction

Party Room (Table Projection)

Key Features:

6+ fully customizable games

Projection size of up to 16′ x 3′ (ft)

Make your party come to life with an interactive video projection. A projector with rich color reproduction will make the table and food appear as if they’re straight out of a cartoon. Additionally, you can interact with the characters. Suitable for 10 people.

The most atmospheric game

Interactive Swings

Key Features:

5+ games

Projection size of 10′ x 10′ (ft)

Ultra-Bright laser projector + Gyro Angle Sensor

An interactive, immersive version of regular swings. The system tracks the child’s motion back and forth, projecting an engaging picture on the wall, such as a beautiful green garden, underwater oasis, or fairy tale world.

Suitable for one person. Typically, several swings are installed at one gathering.

The most relaxed game

Interactive Slide

Key Features:

9+ games

Projection size of up to 16′ x 10′ (ft)

Motion sensor + projector

Classic slides are now even more exciting with interactive augmented reality.

A sensor detects the movement of each individual, and an image is projected onto the slide. For example, one person can “ride” a virtual whale, while one projects candy or flowers. Suitable for 1-5 people.

The most fun game

Interactive Ball Wall

Key Features:

90+ games (fun, sports, active, and educational)

Projection size of 16′ x 10′ (ft)

FullHD laser projector + Lasertouch sensor + Ball Set

Hitting a ball at flying UFO’s, birds, bugs, and other moving objects has never been so captivating!

The ultra-fast LiDAR reacts to a ball as it is thrown at the target. The projection size on the wall can reach up to 155 inches. Suitable for a group of up to 5-6 children.

The most active game

Magic Pencil With Interactive Wall Projection

Key Features:

10+ games

Projection size of 16′ x 10′ (ft)

Motion sensor, 5x Soft pencils

This is an entertaining and educational game played with the use of a wall projection. Children and adults draw with pencils as their drawings appear in the form of a projection.

Touching the pencil to a section of the wall projection creates a painting effect. The activity develops motor skills and encourages creativity.

Children will be thrilled to draw their favorite cartoon characters or their own self-portrait. Suitable for a group of up to 5 children.

The most creative game

Interactive Sandbox

Key Features:

22+ games

Dimensions: 8′ x 4,5′ (ft)

Kinect motion sensor + Projector + Play Sand

This interactive sandbox features augmented reality that applies different colors and effects to the sand.

Watch a flowing river or volcanic eruption, and make your own changes to the landscape. Create mountains, plains, or alter the river’s course.

This interactive game is perfect for young explorers to help stimulate curiosity and imagination. Suitable for a group of up to 5 children.

A game that encourages exploration

Interactive Climbing Wall

Key Features:

2+ games

Projection size of up to 16′ x 10′ (ft)

Motion sensor + FullHD projector

We offer an interactive climbing wall with changing projections and tasks for children.

This engaging game requires the children to not only climb up rock wall, but also complete tasks by touching the surface. Motion is picked up by a motion sensor. Improves coordination and balance. Simultaneous use by up to 3 people.

A comprehensive and developmental game

Interactive City Builder

Key Features:

2+ games

Dimensions: 8′ x 4,5′ (ft)

Motion sensor, Soft GEO shapes for play

This interactive table features figures you can use to create cities, roads, rivers, airplane flight paths, and build gardens and parks.

Sensor+LiDAR respond to movements, changing the landscape.

An excellent educational game for 3-4 children. It encourages teamwork and fosters curiosity.

A developmental game

Interactive Alive Drawings

Key Features:

12+ games

Projection size: 16′ x 10′ (ft)

Motion sensor, image scanner, 3x 3D pens

Children’s drawings come to life on this interactive wall.

Kids draw and color pictures, such as animals, which are then scanned. The animals appear on the wall projection, reacting to touch and can be moved around.

This activity can engage many children, bringing their creations to life.

A fun and educational game

Interactive Dancing

Key Features:

5+ games

Projection size: 16′ x 10′ (ft)

projector + lidar

An interactive wall displays dancing cartoon characters, and children can earn points by mimicking their movements.

A sensitive sensor quickly captures and processes all movements, offering a variety of dances to keep the fun going and encourage movement. For 1-3 people.

A fun, dancing, full-body active game

Interactive Floor

Key Features:

120+ games

Size: 15′ x 7′ (ft)

White FOAM mat, LiDar motion sensor

This interactive floor projection responds to touch from hands, feet and toys.

Soft mats are spread on the floor and the game is launched in the form of a projection with a unique shape.

A modern LiDAR motion sensor instantly captures all motion. Great for groups of up to 10 people.

A fun, full-body active game

Interactive Trampoline

Key Features:

10+ games

Size: 16′ x 10′ (ft)

Projector + lidar

The interactive trampoline is a captivating attraction that keeps kids moving.

Dynamic visual effects displayed on the wall require participants to control characters by jumping, pausing, or ducking to pass each level.

A fun, active game

Interactive Cubes

Key Features:

10+ games

Projection size: up to 16′ x 10′ (ft)

The task is to assemble a specific structure with the cubes, which the projector then brings to life with dynamic images and animations.

Kids can form teams and excitedly break and build new figures to see all the different animations, engaging their whole bodies in the process.

A modern LiDAR motion sensor instantly captures all motion. Great for groups of up to 10 people.

An educational, active game

Interactive and Immersive Games

Key Features:

10+ games

Size: 16′ x 10′ (ft)

Ultra high-speed LiDar

A unique interactive game that develops imagination and motor skills.

A child’s movements are picked up by a sensor, projecting them onto the wall in abstract forms.

It teaches children to appreciate art and encourages physical activity.

A creative, active game

Interactive Lanterns

Key Features:

10+ games

Size: 16′ x 10′ (ft)

Ultra high-speed LiDar

In this interactive game, children use a flashlight to interact with objects (drag, break, explode, etc.).

The projector displays the image on the wall, and the ultra high-speed LiDar reacts to the flashlight’s movements.

Activities include collecting coins, treasure hunting, battling aliens, creating potions, exploring the underground, and more.

A fun and educational game

Interactive Hopscotch

Key Features:

10+ games

Size: up to 15′ x 7′ (ft)

Projector + lidar

We recreated the popular hopscotch game with augmented reality elements

Kids are jumping on specific objects appearing on the floor projection. All movements are instantly processed thanks to modern LiDar technology.

It is colorful, entertaining, and engaging.

A fun and educational game

Interactive Shooting Games

Key Features:

10+ games

Projection size: up to 6′ x 10′ (ft)

Includes 5 laser blasters

This is essentially an interactive shooting range where kids aim at moving or static targets.

The set comes with 5 laser blasters. Whenever a trigger is pressed, it is read and displayed on the projection.

A fun game that develops motor skills, reaction time, and a competitive spirit.

A shooting range, involves interactive shooting activities

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