We can create a sensory room tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Sensory Room

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Our Sensory Room is designed for children to experience a unique and immersive sensory experience. Thanks to our software, every piece of equipment can be used for different purposes, replacing several different products.

We create a safe and engaging sensory environment, using sound, video, light, and colors for sensory stimulation, even suitable for children with autism, special needs.

Bring your vision to life with high-quality interactive equipment.

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Our Catalog of Sensory Room Bundles

Below are several sets of interactive equipment recommended by therapists we collaborate with. Choose one of our ready-made bundles or create your own custom sensory room setup that perfectly fits your space, whether it’s for educational or personalized use.

Portable Sensory Room

A fully portable sensory room, 100% ready for use and quick relocation to another room. It allows for the rapid creation of a stimulating, entertaining environment anywhere. Choose from over 130 children’s games.

Sensory Corner

For smaller spaces, we have designed a sensory corner. This compact, focused space promotes sensory integration, problem-solving skills, communication, and fosters imagination. Choose from 20 game scenarios.

Active Sensory Room Bundle

Designed for facilities with high ceilings, this bundle promotes gross motor skills, cardiovascular fitness, agility, and muscular endurance. It can also be used for educational purposes.

Sensory GYM Bundle

Designed especially for large facilities.

Hybrid Sensory Room Bundle

Designed for physical activities, calming and sensory integration.

We will help you select an equipment set that will best align with your needs and goals. Additionally, we will help you learn more about all the games we have to offer. These include games that promote the development of motor skills, social interactions, and cognitive functions in all students.

Using modern technology to form an innovative approach to teaching children with ASD.

We will call you during business hours Eastern Time USA

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Benefits of Working with Us

Control all your devices
with just one tablet
No subscriptions, royalties, or payment upgrades
A 2-year warranty
Free software updates
Unlimited lifetime technical support 24/7
Growing software team to develop
more games and attractions

We strive to be the best for every client

We highly value feedback from our clients. Additionally, we conduct several research studies, where we act as sponsors. This is crucial for us, as it allows us to see how our equipment affects children, which games they enjoy and benefit from, and how to improve our equipment further. Learn about an example of a study in the following video.

How Our Sensory Rooms Work

One specialist can manage all the equipment independently. Our equipment can function in both small and large spaces and is suitable for individual and group sessions, for both adults and children.

In terms of functionality, a sensory room can work in three directions:

  • Inducing a sense of calm and relaxation;
  • Encouraging active, energetic participation in fun games;
  • Performing both functions simultaneously (hybrid).

Thanks to its versatility, even with just one device, a specialist can switch between different games to help children gain the necessary sensory experience and develop useful skills.

Due to the various modifications, our equipment can be used in compact mobile rooms or large gymnasiums without losing the quality of the projected image.

Software – An Essential Part of Our Equipment

We produce interactive equipment and develop universal software for it. Our software is suitable for all types of sensory rooms: calming, active, and hybrid.

More than 120 games






We Will Customize Software to Suit Your Needs

In addition to a wide range of ready-made solutions, we can create programs, games, and 3D character animations tailored to your needs. This is possible thanks to our extensive experience in 3D development, UNITY, and Unreal Engine.

Our specialists can develop unique, highly effective solutions for sensory rooms, fully adapted to your space and rehabilitation/educational/entertainment needs.
We can take any exercise that a child does and turn it into an interactive game. This way, we will increase the engagement and effectiveness of the exercise. Optimize the rehabilitation, learning and entertainment process to meet your specific goals with the software from Kids Jump Tech.

Our internal research has shown that our equipment helps develop:

Communication Skills

Peer Social Communication Expressive Labeling

Sensory Integration

Body & Spatial Awareness Reduction of Tactile Sensitivity

Motor Skills

Bi-Lateral Coordination Vestibular Enhancement Eye/Hand Coordination

Social Integration

Self-Expression Social Reciprocity Anxiety Reduction Imaginative Turn Taking

Cognitive Development

Enhanced Attention & Focus Problem Solving Sequencing & Memory

Special Conditions for Children with Autism

Our mission is to make life for children with autism and special needs as comfortable and joyful as possible. Therefore, for you, dear administrators, teachers, caregivers, or parents, we offer the following proposals.

Customer Reviews

We invite you to read over 80 customer reviews from those who have ordered our interactive equipment in the past couple years.