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Interactive equipment for Exhibits

Welcome to the next frontier of exhibit design, where every touch, step, and glance opens up worlds of discovery and wonder. Our innovative suite of interactive experiences — including Alive Drawing, Interactive Walls, Interactive Sandboxes, and Multi-touch Tables — is tailor-made to transform your exhibits into immersive journeys that educate, engage, and enchant visitors of all ages. Embrace our “Engage & Innovate Promise” today and see how we’re redefining the boundaries of what an exhibit can be.

Potential uses of the equipment

Watch as your visitors become part of the exhibit, interacting with stories that unfold at their fingertips. Perfect for bringing narratives to life and adding depth to any subject matter.

Let creativity flourish as visitors contribute their own digital artwork to your exhibit. It’s not just viewing; it’s participating in a collective masterpiece.

Geology, archaeology, and environmental science take on new dimensions when visitors can shape landscapes and watch as history and nature unfold before their eyes.

Encourage collaborative exploration with tables that detail complex exhibits, allowing multiple users to dive deep into your collections simultaneously.

Enhance the visitor experience with intuitive navigation through Interactive Walls and Multi-touch Tables. Direct guests effortlessly, ensuring they don’t miss any key highlights and can explore your exhibit with ease and wonder.

Inclusivity is at the heart of our design philosophy. Our interactive tools are adaptable, ensuring visitors with special needs have enriching, barrier-free experiences. From adjustable heights to tactile feedback, we strive to welcome everyone.

Every exhibit aims to leave a lasting impression, and our installations deliver just that. From the collective artwork of Alive Drawing to the hands-on discovery of the Interactive Sandbox, create moments that turn first-time visitors into lifelong enthusiasts.

Our Promise to Engage & Innovate

Introducing “Innovate Access Promise” — our pledge to museums. This is more than a service; it’s a partnership in transforming how history, art, and science are presented and perceived.

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Are you ready to bring a new level of engagement to your exhibit? With our innovative solutions and Engage & Innovate Promise, your space will not just showcase objects or ideas; it will spark curiosity, foster learning, and create lasting memories.
Step into a world where exhibitions come to life, stories engage more deeply, and every visitor leaves inspired. Let’s redefine the concept of an exhibition!

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