Another world

Students have to hit the targets in the place to move forward by using balls or hitting the wall.

Pirate attack

Students have to maneuver through a pirate filled ship and hit them with balls or hit the projection to move forward.

Gold rush

Students have to hit or throw balls at  the skeletons which are coming towards them on the projection.

Space battle

Kids have to hit the spaceships which are shooting projectiles at them.

Unknown planet

Kids must traverse through the planet and fight there way through it by throwing balls or hitting the targets.

horror story

Hit the monster with a ball or hands to get them of the play area.

Moles burrows

Catch as many moles as possible, which appear from the burrows. The game lasts one minute and points are shown at the end.

Angry monkeys

Kids have to go through monkey island throwing objects their way to get them away from the player!

Cheese stealing

It is necessary to chase away as many hungry mice from the cheese as possible. A missed mouse will take away 5 points, a caught mouse will add 10 points.…


The game’s goal is to shovel the bacteria that appear. If you let them multiply, then the bacteria will win the game. The task is to catch as many as…

Alien attack

You need to catch as many aliens as possible in one minute.