color the african animals

We paint real African animals by touching any objects on the interactive projection wall. A variety of animations appear along with the real sounds of ancient animals in this fascinating…

Deep space

Children color in templates – pictures of the Space game: astronaut, spaceship, alien, flying saucer, airplane. The images are scanned and transferred to the game. Children can move, rotate pictures…

Hit the Match

This is a memory game in which students must throw the ball or hit the right image twice.


This game helps form children’s cognitive and exploratory skills. A silhouette of a gemstone lights up on the gem cart. of the stone to be collected, and the children need…


When you hit the ball into the goal, there is a goal with sound and a tally of goals scored. The game develops coordination and dexterity, reaction, contributes to an…


Students have to hit the alien ships which are going to appear on the projection.

Color the animals game

Choose a paint color and touch paint the touching area on the background of the animal. There are six different animal backgrounds in the game.