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Yes, any space can become an exciting educational adventure where kids can dive into fun and learn with their whole selves – body, mind, and heart.


From 2 to 5 years on all equipment. 30-day money back guarantee.

Technical Support

24/7 remote technical support for prompt software issue resolution.

No Subscriptions

You only pay once for the equipment, games, and subsequent updates. This sets us apart from the competition.


Our equipment is designed to help develop certain skills. Compatible with special needs kids.

The World of Interactive Wonders!

Dive into a Whirlwind Adventure Through an Interactive Wonderland, Where Every Twist and Turn Sparks Joy and Friendship!

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Tested. Trusted. Implemented.

We manufacture equipment for schools, libraries, museums, development centers, hospitals and home use.

Our products have been implemented by leading local and national brands in the entertainment, fitness, and education industry.

Let’s Bring That Room to Life




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Some Core Features

High Quality

Our equipment is developed and made in the USA.


We have over 90 5-star reviews.

Turnkey Delivery

Our representative will safely deliver the product to you, and provide free training on how to use it.


Our equipment is easy to move and it does not need to be attached to the ceiling. Additionally, it can be installed in practically any room or space.

High-Speed Sensors

Sensors instantly react to touch, enhancing the child’s engagement in the game.

100% Customizable

We customize products with any color, design, or logo, and create tailored games for each one.

Free Updates

Our clients receive new games, and enhanced software for free, with no additional payments. We release them on a regular basis.

No Additional Setup Required

Just plug the equipment into an outlet, wait for 20–30 seconds, and you’re all set!

Premium Customer Support

If any difficulties arise, we provide remote 24/7 technical support or send a technician to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Why Us?

Year Warranty
Tech Support
Free new game releases
Free software updates
Growing software team
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Meet the A-list of Games and Activities.

Are you ready for a game-changer? Our collection of move-worthy games and activities (and growing) is the ultimate solution to combining fun, exercise, and learning!

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